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ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

logo ISO9001 LRQA NoirCarbio 12 SAS is certified ISO9001 version 2015 by Lloyd's Register LRQA for its quality management system.

This certification prove all our mastery on the manufacture of adsorbents for air and water depollution. Expert on activated carbons based on coconut for the molecular filtration of gas.

The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard secure a constant quality of products and a follow-up of our customers. For this we have:

  • Strengthened quality control of our supplies and raw materials
  • Reinforced the control of our manufacturing or services and their impact on the environment in accordance with existing standards.
  • Improved the relationship with our customers, listening to their needs, their remarks and accompanying them in their development.

Thus we provide our customers with the assurance of having a "CARBIO 12" product of quality and according to their expectations.

Activated Carbon

Grain Charon Actif ME

Activated carbon is one of the most utilized adsorbent materials for liquid and air filtration. Very efficient it is obtained from carbonization and activation of minerals or natural organic products like peat, 

wood or fruit shell which confer multiple deployment in chemistry, industry, medicine and agri-food engineering.

This material is endowed with a very elaborated porous structure which shows a huge internal surface of contact able to absorb a large variety of substance (between 1000 and 2000 sq.m/g).

A particle of activated carbon is composed of three kind of pore: micro-pore (diameter less than 2nm), meso-pore (between 2 and 50nm) and macro-pore (bigger than 50nm).

CARBIO 12 SAS Company

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Carbio 12 SA was created in 1992 by a whole of private, French and Canadian shareholders, with for principal vocations:

  • The Manufacture or the Transformation of SOLID ADSORBENTS for the DEPOLLUTION of WATER and the AIR (Activated carbon; activated alumina…) Output:  400 Tons/year
  • Technical assistance and advices of use to the operators of adsorbents for  either water or air filtration (See “our references”)
  • And finally an activity of SERVICE PROVIDER near the industrialists of European Chemistry while ensuring for their account of the services of Crushing, Sifting, Mixture, Emoting, or quite simply of reconditioning of products in powder form or crystalline. Output: 200 to 300 Tons/year

Our customers are French, but also Italian, German, Austrian, Tunisian, Canadian