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PRODUCT Reference

Processing applications AIR

C1220 G90 Air Treatment

Adsorption of hydrocarbon vapors, organic and chlorinated solvents - Activated Carbon from coconut shell activated steam.

C1220 IG 91

Adsorption H2S and mercaptans / malodorous gases. Impregnated activated carbon. Air filters for sewage treatment plant, lifting stations, septic tank vents

C1220 IG 92

Strong and organic acid fumes adsorption.impregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 93

Adsorption of alcohols, aldehydesimpregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 94

Adsorption HCN, cyanides, gas masks impregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 96

Mercurially vapor adsorption. Impregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 98

Filtration of radioactive gases and radioactive particles impregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 99

Ammonia and amines gas adsorption - Impregnated activated carbon

C1220 IG 100BC

INPI Patent : Activated carbon of steam-activated coconut shell impregnated with nano-particles of silver. Anti-bacterial and bactericidal. Treatment of air saturated with moisture and charged with bacterial pollution.

C1220 IG 102

Impregnated activated carbon, catalytic activity for sulfur scavenging, H2S and mercaptans in gases. Catalytic activated carbon for the desulfurization of kerosene and gasolines