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PRODUCTS References

Processing applications WATER / Liquids

C1220 G 90 - de-chlorination, hydrocarbons adsorption . Water purification, Drinking water filter - Granular activated carbon.

C1220 P 90 - Filtered wastewater, reduction in Total organic carbon - Powder activated carbon used in bubble

C1220 G 95 - Drinking water filter, Pharmaceutical application - Steam activated carbon in granular

C1220 P 95 - Filtration of medical solution and cometic solution. Powder activated carbon used in bubble.

C1220 IG 100 BC - INPI Patent: Drinking water filtration with bactericidal and anti-bacterial action. Impregnated activated carbon with silver nano-particles of metal.

C1220 SP 96 - Discoloration of wines and acetic derivatives. Coal Superactivated

C1220 SP 97 - Discoloration of solution chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Coal Superactivated