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CARBIO 12 SAS Company

CARBIO 12 SAcarbio 12.2
ZI, 6 Avenue Simon Laplace
13715 Carnoux-en-Provence

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Carbio 12 SA was created in 1992 by a whole of private, French and Canadian shareholders, with for principal vocations:

  • The Manufacture or the Transformation of SOLID ADSORBENTS for the DEPOLLUTION of WATER and the AIR (Activated carbon; activated alumina…) Output:  400 Tons/year
  • Technical assistance and advices of use to the operators of adsorbents for  either water or air filtration (See “our references”)
  • And finally an activity of SERVICE PROVIDER near the industrialists of European Chemistry while ensuring for their account of the services of Crushing, Sifting, Mixture, Emoting, or quite simply of reconditioning of products in powder form or crystalline. Output: 200 to 300 Tons/year

Our customers are French, but also Italian, German, Austrian, Tunisian, Canadian