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PRODUCTS Carbio 12

Reference PRODUCT

APPLICATIONS: fume hoods for chemicals and gas masks

Type A: adsorption of vapors of VOCs and organic solvents (ketones, ethers, alcohols, cyclic ...)

Type BE
: Treatment of gases inorganic acids such as hydrochloric acid, HCl, Cl2, HNO3, mercaptans and volatile sulfur compound H2S, H2SO4,SOX ... Activated carbon impregnated

Type K: specific for the ammonia vapor NH3 and amines. Impregnated activated carbon.

Type F: specific for formaldehyde and its derivatives. Impregnated activated carbon.

ABEK : type: mixed type between A, BE, K and capable of retaining molecules belonging to three types. Impregnated activated carbon.

Type MD: Specific to the vapors of mercury (Hg)