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C1220 G95 for air filtration

Pharmaceutical industry / Gas masks.- Activated charcoal of coconut shell activated by steam


Vegetable activated carbon in virgin grain, obtained after carbonization and activation of the coconut shell. 100% natural product resulting from a water stream activation.

Micro-mesoporous activated carbon, having a very important surface area BET 1300m2/g .Grain Charon Actif ME

Pharmaceutical grade product used in very specific applications (medicine, purification, discoloration ...)

Complies with Norm NF EN 12915-1

Chemicals used in the treatment of water intended for human consumption

Standar granulometry: Mesh (6x12) from 1.4 mm to 3.3 mm or Mesh (12x30) from 0.4 mm to 1.4 mm