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Adsorption H2S and mercaptans / malodorous gases. Impregnated activated carbon. Air filters for sewage treatment plant, lifting stations, septic tank vents


Filtre Neslte Purina

Granular Activated carbon Chemical impregnated for the preferential adsorption of sulfur gases.

High deodorization capacity of gases loaded with mercaptans and H2S , in particular biogas. Its efficiency and all the more important as the gas is dry.

Moreover, this product maintains an important capacity of adsorption on the other molecules usually stopped by the G90.
It will therefore be sensitive to parasitic effects of competition between molecules.




- Deodorization of biogas
- Air treatment of the lifting station vents and wastewater treatment plant
- Air filtration on all pit vents and septic tanks.
- Activated carbon used in the cartridge Of gas mask of TYPE B
- Filters anti-odorurs vaults, coffins, refrigerators


- Odor purifying filter for wastewater treatment plant and lifting (air flow Treated 500m 3 / h)filtre_caveau_01

- Filter of septic tanks filtre_cercueil_03

- Filter for vaults and coffins

-Odor filter for cold roomsfiltre_anti-odeurs_chambre_froide




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